Cute little bathroom remodel we did. Can you believe this was a normal five foot bath? Turned out great!! The shower was a closet and we moved it to make a separate shower. The tub was a standard steel tub. The shower was a closet and we moved it to make a separate shower.Read More →

  I love when you help someone out. She got a quote for 4g to Repipe her home and told me who. I said I’d just do it for that price cause I know the guys. My price was 6,200$. The guy has dementia and makes the calls. I didn’t want them to take advantage cause that price was not right. I did it out of the good of my heart so it’d be done right. Didn’t want too but I believe in karma. When we got all done this is what she told my brother. This is what happens when you treat people rightRead More →

Plumbing in Vero Beach

We hooked up a beautiful $100,000 machine at TAMPOPRINT in Vero Beach, Florida. It etches metal for stamping at factories. Etching is also known as pressing. It is the process of placing flat sheet metal into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape. There were air lines ran, three water services, 4″ vent through the roof, and three drains installed. Easy stuff for us. We can do anything you need: the harder it is, the more we like it!!!   Tampo Print in Vero Beach is a great company with awesome staff. We enjoyed working withRead More →