At IRC Plumbing we work with residential home owners to install new plumbing in older homes, we work with General Contractors to plan and install plumbing in new homes, we work with General Contractors in Indian River County on commercial building name it, we do it when it comes to plumbing. Indoor showers, outdoor showers., big budget, small budget, we treat all of our customers with the same respect, and we always do our very best.

WE very recently worked on a remodel project with the folks at Panda Roofing and Contracting. The customer added a master bath in the back of the home. In this instance, the bathroom was on a lower grade  than the septic system, so  we used a Liberty Pump to pump  water up hill to the existing  septic system. It was great working with  Panda. They are a quality contractor and  an amazing company.

Would you like to see the photos?

Lucien Rizio

Vero Beach Plumber

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