Plumbing in Days Past

Lucien Rizio, Vero Beach PlumberYou might say to us, Vanessa and Lucien, plumbing is plumbing, people need to clean their dishes, their bodies, wash their clothes. Water needs to come into the house, and then, when people are done with their cleaning, the water must go out. For thousands of years there has been plumbing of one sort or another, so what is the big deal? Maybe there isn’t any one big deal, but the good news about  plumbing, as we know it today, is it is  safer than it has ever been.

In the early days of the 20th Century, homes still had outhouses, baths were only taken once a week, and clothes were still washed on relatively crude washing machines. There were no suburbs in the earl 20th century, if you lived outside of the city, you were not privy to indoor plumbing, sewer and water lines. You had an outhouse, rain barrels to collect water, and I am not going to describe in great detail where waste was disposed of.

Because plumbing was so crude, people became ill from infections due to sanitation issues. Because of advances in plumbing and building codes, most of the world is a much safer place to live today than it was back in the early days of the twentieth century. Every year there are more things coming out that help to keep our homes safe and clean.

More recently those bulky hot water heaters in all of our homes are being replaced by more efficient methods of heating our water. Toilets and shower heads that use water much more efficiently than they did even 10 years ago are being installed by us and other plumbing contractors.  We are excited to see what comes next!

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