Electronic Leak Detection At IRC Plumbing

IRC Plumbing has a brand new, state of the art leak detection system. With this system all the guess-work has now been taken out of locating and repairing leaks in and around your home. Our ” new Gen-Ear LE Water Leak leak detection IRC plumbing, Sebastian FloridaLocation System offers a simpler, more economical way to detect leaks in residential or commercial water lines. Whether the leaks are under concrete, in walls, under grass,  in swimming pools or hot tubs, this system will help us to detect costly leaks and save your investment, so you save money.”

At IRC plumbing we have experience in finding leaks, and even without leak detection system, we were able to find your leaks and repair them, but with our new leak detection system, we can do it much less time and with great accuracy.

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Lucien and Vanessa

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